Flexitron Studios is a creative heart of costume design, exhibitions and much more 
In the heart of London it was instigated by Andie Scott and James Engel.

The idea is a collective of designers, artists, architects, directors and performers who make projects and performances happen and collaborate bringing their strengths to the the table to realise dreams.

Recently Sophie Meyer and Emma Lyth who successfully completed the MA Costume Design for Performance at London college of Fashion with Andie

Mahajanaka with  Neon Dance directed by Adrienne Hart and composer Sebastian Reynolds designing costume for an interpretation of one of the stories of Buddha's path to enlightenment.

Mary's Hand is a new devised opera about Queen Mary 1st. The transformative costumes are accurate interpretations from paintings of Mary once she was queen but before she married Philip of Spain. One is at the Society of Antiquities at Burlington House and the other is at the National Portrait Gallery in their Tudor Rooms. 

Award winning Spaced Out Architects have been part of Flexitron Studios for many years and the cross collaborations make design ideas  thrive.

We hope you would like to know more so please email 


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